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Tycoon Online aims to create a virtual business environment where each player owns and run his or her own company. System requirements are low, and the prerequisite the same for all players.
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Round 51
2019-12-22 16:10 - 2020-03-01 16:10
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Day 59 of 70

 Number of active members:  222
 Number of companies:  203
 Number of factories:  2,180
 Number of shops:  606
 Number of offices:  215

 Goods produced today:  782,065
 Logins today:  422
 Logged in right now:  11

[email protected]
2019-12-30 12:06
On Decemberber 26th, Tycoon Online was hacked. The MD5 hash of your passwords were exposed to the hacker. There is no way to reverse the MD5 hash except by guess and check. For example, if your password is "password", the MD5 hash is 5F4DCC3B5AA765D61D8327DEB882CF99 So if you have used a common password, the hacker can check a list of common passwords and their MD5 hash and find your password. Therefore it is recommended that you click on the "Retrieve your log in information" link in the login screen to get a randomly generated password. If you have used the same password for any other website, it is recommended that you also change those passwords. (Even if you are not using a common password) Unfortunately it's because of the age of the code base this was not something we could have foreseen. Changing passwords is advised as precaution all password on TO are encrypted We can not apologize enough and are doing everything in our power to make sure this does not happen again
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2019-12-18 07:04
Robby Baggio came back for round 50 and took 1st place in C-Rank again but we can't forget the amazing battle between him and Sean Honnery who came in 2nd with less than 24,000 cv between them. Thanks to both of you for making it such an exciting end of round for us all. A huge congrats also to Nennius Nankurunaisa for taking 1st place in S-Rank for the 5th time in the last 7 rounds!!! Brownie was busy with his staff paying them a massive $10M in salary for the whole round!! He also paid the highest salary payment in the round $5M making 2 all time records, Congrats Brownie :) Randy Horton, added a massive $14,447,967 to his fuel account also making a new all time record Sumint too was busy in his shops selling the huge amount of 870,426 goods in one round, he broke the all time record the day before the round ended
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1969-12-31 19:00
Welcome back. Round 51 will begin on Sunday 22.12.2019 at 16.10 game time. A huge thank you to everyone who joined in on our Round 50 celebrations, we had great times and unfortunately a few not so great times:( but we got through them.
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